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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  November 11, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a woman in tampa, florida, who was familiar received a
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strange and harassing e-mail from an author, who notified an fbi, worried that the official e-mail account had been compromised. the trail led back to the computer of paula broadwell. what they found was not compromised security, but two people in a compromising position, described as human drama, including intimate exchanges between the two. >> she takes the time to help somebody like me. there's not much time left for indiscretions. >> he's a double amputee. >> i have serious questions
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about who is connecting these dots and how. >> patreas reportedly started the affair after leaving the armed service. >> he's trying to put his life back together, and that's what he needs to focus on. >> as for paula broadwell, a married mother of two, this message was drawn in chalk on her driveway. a massive explosion sparks a huge fire and kills two people in an indianapolis neighborhood. look at these flames here. more than a dozen homes were damaged or destroyed. hundreds of people were forced into the middle of the streets in the middle of the night. >>reporter: those at the scene say it looked like a war zone. an explosion late saturday night left this quiet suburban neighborhood up in flames. two houses leveled.
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two others set ablaze. around 200 people forced from their homes. the scene collapsed walls, shattered windows and metal from cars melted. >> someone i got to the house i heard people screaming, and the only thing i could think of was, these people have to get out or they're not going to make it. i just ran in without thinking, me and andrew, and pulled them out as fast as we could. >> the shock waves blew out windows and doors of nearby houses, many damaged by flying debris. >> it was just like it was snowing. there was insulation falling down from the sky. the house, from what i saw, was just gone. there was nothing left. >> neighbors are staying with relatives and friends. others are sleeping on cots at a local elementary school. >> h. pretty warm day out there. take a look at statewide highs.
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really nice mild day. we're going to do it again, but only for 24 hours more before some big changes come into the city. take a look at the shots downtown. it is a beautiful evening out there. temperatures slowly falling back into the 50s. at the present moment 59 degrees. again, subtle changes over the next few hours as we see the temperatures drop into the middle 50s. midnight hour 48 degrees with fog developing. mostly sunny skies at 46. how about the changes? it's mild over the eastern their. look how chilly it is in des moines. 31 degrees. can you find the front that's coming in our direction, and it's going to knock the temperatures down a big way. we'll talk about that coming up. six veterans were laid to rest after serving their country after they died. they donated their bodies to research. they served in the army, navy, merchant marines and air force.
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a piece of baltimore history is again waving proudly. domino sugar has restored the giant american flag that once flew over the refinery. the pole was knocked down in a storm 25 years ago. it was served raised when domino sugar opened. a president laid a wreath at the time of the unknown soldier and praised the sacrifices of american servicemen, women and their families. in new york the veterans day parade. thousands lined the streets of manhattan cheering and waving flags and marching. the ravens ruled the field
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today setting a franchise record 55-20. 341 yards thrown and three touchdowns. the ravens scored on six of the first seven possessions against the raiders. at halftime they were already ahead 27-10. in the third quarter smith with 2td passes. they're leading the afc north. up next, the retailers may be excited about starting flak friday earlier, but some workers are saying no way. we're going to show you what they're doing to get their employers to reconsider opening the door to shoppers on thursday night. could you get your morning moving without coffee? soon it could be going that way. we're going to take a look at how global warming could impact
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your morningjobe. we only have to go west to find a big storm brewing. we'll detail that coming up on the news at 6:30.
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forget black friday. many retailers are betting you'll want to start tackling your christmas list as soon as you put down your pumpkin pie. wal-mart and kmart will open with door busting deals at 8 p.m. thanksgiving day while best buy and and others will open at midnight. >> instead of relaxing watching football we can be shopping. >>reporter: others say enough already. >> you need to be home with your families on thanksgiving. >>reporter: but turning turkey day black has many store workers seeing red.
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>> i think everyone in america tends to want to celebrate. >>reporter: led by workers from target, wal-mart and other big retailers are asking their employers to save thanksgiving and stick with last year's black friday opening time so they can have dinner with their families. >> it's nothing we should have to do is work all night. >>reporter: competition is fierce. >> we're really excited about the 8:00 start date, not only to be competitive, but no to meet customers' requests. >>reporter: the some stores like nordstroms win customers by explicitly not decking the halls early. many are wondering however or how low can stores go. >> thanksgiving should be thanksgiving, not thanksgiving christmas. >> well, your morning cup of
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coffee could soon become a thing of the past. >> this is disturbing. >> experts say the main bean used to make coffee is drying up. climate change has the coffee plant headed for extinction as soon as the year 2080. so we've got a little time. if the worst estimates come true, in 68 years there will be no where on earth suitable for wild coffee growth. coffee is the world's second most traded commodity behind oil, over 80% of americans drink it, including me, spending $164 a year. i'm not going to be able to make it. what am i going to do? now maryland's most accurate forecast.
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>> looking good, feeling good, bel air close to 70. we'll see your daytime highs getting into the 60s. the shot downtown looking good. temperatures feeling pretty good. 59 at bwi. dew point at 44. i notice the southerly wind kicking in. it's light and variable, but things will change. look at your daytime high. current temperatures across town, 59 to 57. some of the clouds are filtering in from west to east. notice again temperatures falling into the 40s after midnight. a blend of stars and clouds with fog developing.
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then it's cool conditions to start your morning tomorrow. monday morning 46. 50 by lunchtime. we're on our way to the middle 60s for daytime highs. just a few clouds coming across the skyline right now. out to the west we go. take a look at this front al boundary. this is a true cold front getting flash freezing, an indication that temperatures are dropping 30 to 35 degrees in the last hour. we'll be dealing with this by monday night going into tuesday morning, and then we'll really start to see the temperatures start to fall down. in fact, look at the comparison from kansas city. memphis 72 degrees at this hour. again it will be in our back yard as we go into your nighttime hours on monday. so tomorrow southerly wind. a warm day and nice day. blend of sunshine and clouds.
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going over to the clouds in the afternoon hours, but look at the punch of cold air tuesday. temperatures will struggle to get to 50. that will be the trend not only for tuesday, but expand it through the rest of the week dealing with temperatures well below average. take a look at the future trend doing a really good job showing clouds developing tomorrow afternoon. then by tomorrow night, a line of showers, maybe a line coming through. it may get hung up for tuesday. we'll keep the chance for showers in there. then everything starts to clear out tuesday night, going into wednesday. closer to the city temperatures upper 40s. eastern shore numbers around 44 for your overnight lows. forecast tomorrow, increasing clouds and breezy.
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tomorrow night 54 with rain developing. >> the good news is, it's dry. >> no complaints. >> right that down. we'll be right back after a break.
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welcome to maryland's spotlight. it's the elephant in the room, estate planning. it can be a scary subject, intimidating. you've worked so hard for your
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assets and investments you need to know how to properly keep you're wellth. so i brought along an attorney. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> it can be an intimidating subject. what do you do with your investment? how can you protect them and your assets and pass them along to your children? >> everybody cease familiar with the will. everybody knows they should sit down and write a will. you can incorporate a trust into the will. it can be extremely valuable tool. >> tell me, what is a trust? when i think of a trust i think of really rich people having a trust and this and that. every day people can have it. >> a trust is just like a bucket. your money is in your bucket. you can set up a new bucket like the trust and the moneys would be placed in that bucket and would be governed by the rules of the trust. guess who writes the rules of the trust?
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you do. you get to spell out, after you're gone, what happens to those moneys. >> tell me what kind of things you would put into this bucket. >> you could have bank accounts. you could have your investments, mutual funds, real estate. you mentioned a psl from the ravens. >> those are very valuable. that's interesting to point out that it's not just investments, but real estate also. what 'x7aare the most common wa people lose their money. >> the reason to think about a trust is think about all the things that can go wrong with your investments and assets. a child inherits assets. what could go wrong? disability, costs of medical care, deaths, creditors coming
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after them, divorce. i don't have to explain divorce. everybody knows what that is. death, taxes running close to 50% next year. so that's something they should be looking at. >> that's really high. that's the 5ds, right? >> the fifth d was the death transfer. so you can have a situation where you don't plan well. you leave your money to your child. your child dies and it goes to their ex-wife. that's a possibility. why, because they leave it to their child who dies, and it goes back to the mother. i've seen that happen. in 25 years you see crazy things. >> definitely a trust will take care of such situations so that you make sure in the event of a death and a divorce that it doesn't go to the ex spouse and trickles perhaps to more
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children there. >> the trust doesn't leave anything to chance. it lets you spell out what if, what if all the way down. >> it sounds very simple, and pretty easy to understand. if somebody wanted to get in touch with you as an attorney, you've been doing this for quite some time now. >> i like seeing clients in our offices. my number is (410)339-6767. >> okay. do you have a website as well is this. >> they can punch us up on www. pk >> good luck. i feel a lot better now. i think a lot of viewers are going to feel a little more comfortable talking about that, and especially a trust is an interesting way to go about that. >> the child can be their own trustee of the trust. so you're not taking anything away from the child. >> great. well, kevin, thanks so much for being with me today and clearing up a lot of questions that i had.
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>> thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us today on maryland's spotlight.
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